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Ubs Bank (Canada) Routing Number : 029000032


Ubs Bank (Canada)

Routing Number


Transit Number

00032-290 (MICR)

Institution Number


Canadian Clearing Code (CC) //CC029000032 (Canadian Sort Code)
Institution Type Bank
State ON
City Toronto
Address 154 University Ave, PO Box 103
How Routing Number & Transit Number is formed?
A Routing Number/Transit Number is used while doing financial transactions. Routing Number identifies the beneficiary financial institution and the branch to which a payment is being initiated. Routing/Transit Number is essential for making payments through the clearing system.
There are two types of Routing Numbers used in Canada.

1. EFT Routing Number:
EFT stands for Electronic Fund Transactions. EFT Routing Number is a three digit financial Institution Number (Bank Code) and a five digit branch code, preceded by a leading zero.

In Canada Routing Number is formed by prefixing 0+3 Characters Bank Code+5 Characters Branch Code.
An institution number is the three-digit code assigned to each bank to uniquely identify it. All the Financial Institutions has been allotted 3 Characters Numeric Code, which is also called as Institution Number / Bank Codes.
Each Financial Institutions Branch has been allotted 5 Characters Numeric Code, which is called Branch Code.

Ubs Bank (Canada) has been alloted Institution Number / Bank Code as : 290
Ubs Bank (Canada) 154 University Ave, PO Box 103,Toronto Branch has been alloted Branch Code as : 00032
So the Routing Number of Ubs Bank (Canada) 154 University Ave, PO Box 103,Toronto is 029000032

Routing Number : 029000032
Leading zero: 0
Institution Number / Bank Code: 290
Branch Code: 00032

2. Transit Number (MICR)
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition(MICR), is a character recognition technology used by the banking industry to facilitate the processing of cheques. Transit Number can be found at the bottom of the cheque.
So the Transit Number of Ubs Bank (Canada) 154 University Ave, PO Box 103,Toronto is 00032-290

Where to find Ubs Bank (Canada) Transit Number on a cheque?

Ubs Bank (Canada) has below Branches in the City Toronto-ON

Branch:154 University Ave, PO Box 103,
Routing Number: 029000032 : Transit Number: 00032-290
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What is Transit number and a Routing number in Canada?
In Canada, banks and other financial institutions identify their branches with a unique transit number (also known as branch numbers). A transit number is made up of five-digits and together with the institution number they form a routing number.
The transit number - five digits - shows which branch you opened your account at. The institution number - three digits - identifies your bank. The account number - seven to twelve digits - identifies your individual account. Bank routing numbers are used to process cheque and electronic transactions such as funds transfers, direct deposits, digital cheques, recurring loan and bill payments.

There are two different formats for routing numbers:
Electronic Transactions Routing Numbers (ETF): 0XXXYYYYY
Paper Transactions Transit Numbers (MICR): YYYYY-XXX
where XXX is the institution number and YYYYY is the transit number.